TOV Report API

TOV Report APIs are a suite of web services provided by Duel to developers to integrate existing Internet applications with Traffic Over Voice. Traffic Report APIs use the following tools for generating reports: TomTom API Search, TomTom API Routing and Duel Proprietary Routing, TomTom Incident data, TomTom Address Recognition, and SIRI for STT and TTS.

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The Report provides traffic information along possibile itineraries to destination without asking for a preliminary insertion of the usual driver roads

Traffic update with a 3 minutes frequency, that generates - starting fron the realtime TomTom FCD - the new effective traffic events, including the TomTom Incident too.

Average report production time after declaration of destination: 3-10 seconds

Available on all USA roadmaps covered by TomTom with levels 0-4 (also in cities)

TomTom traffic incident included within the TOV report

Common use cases
you can implement

  • 1.
    To provide TOV reports as a destination addresses playlist within a music web service app
  • 2.
    To provide TOV report as an added value service within Insurance or Automotive APP
  • 3.
    To provide TOV report as complementary info service to the navigation app thank to a contemporary use in CAR Play dashboard